IDXX Laboratories Inc. Stock Market Value

IDXX Laboratories Inc. providing the application related to Veterinary. They produce diagnostic, detection, and information system for veterinary food and other water testing applications. This company also operates an international network in the laboratories which is related to veterinary. The IDXX stock at offers its product in 74 countries and 7000 people in all over the world. The company was founded in 1983.

The IDXX Laboratories has three segments of the company’s companion animal Group, water, and livestock. These companies also manufacture the Pet SNAP test kit for a variety of health diagnose uses. The market value and reputation of IDXX laboratories are good and much better than from its competitors.

It’s a public company and stock market code or you can say the symbol is NASDAQ: IDXX.  It’s a 39 years old company and it has a good market reputation in the market. Its total revenue of a year is $ 2.48. These three segments of IDXX laboratories are different from any other company.

The CAG Company provides the animal companion in the clinic laboratory. In these laboratories they analyze blood cells counts as well as the enzymes in the blood or urine to know the health conditions. The main projects of IDXX laboratories are catalyst DX chemistry analyzer and the VT test Chemistry analyzer. It’s the first segment of IDXX laboratories.

The second segment which is water provides the products that measure microbiological parameters in the water. In this segment they use colilert, colilert -18, and colisure tests. These water products are sold in almost 120 countries in this world.

In the third segment, Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics which is last but not the least are providing products that will detect the diseases in the livestock and poultry. These products include tests Avian Influenza, Bovine Viral Diarrhoea, and bovine spongiform.

So In these three segments IDXX laboratories Inc. producing its products and also earning a high level of revenue. In the stock market its investors increasing day by day. If we talk about its balance sheet then it has fewer liabilities and more assets.  In 2019 its share price was $ 261.13 which is up to any other share 43.1 percent of the year. The share value is high from other competitors in the first quarter of 2020 but now it is affected by COVID -19.

Every investor always invests in the stock market for higher return or revenue and IDXX is a well-established company in Westbrook, Maine, United States. If you want to know more stock information like ge news today, you can visit at